Examples of home learning 8.3.19

Check out some of these examples handed in this week for home learning.


Singing with Mrs Radford

As part of our annual singing session with Mrs Radford, the children this year decided to sing ‘This is me’ from the ‘Greatest Showman’.

We began the sessions warming up singing arpeggios and scales, discussing technique, pitch and tempo. We worked in two part harmonies during the chorus and performed to the nursery and school age children in an assembly at the end of the day.

Forest Friday

This morning, we have been in the forest again. We began playing bat and moth (similar to Marko Polo). In small groups, the children have been learning to tie shoe laces. Whilst they were busy, others were off saving blue bells with Mr Hustler, digging them up from their current location and moving them over to a new home away from heavy foot fall. The final group were working collaboratively to build bases with a shelter.

The sculpture takes form

Thank you all for the donations of materials for our Eco Art Project. Here are some snaps from the sessions with Admirals and Emperors. The children worked collaboratively to build their own segments, cutting modelling wire and attaching the lids together. These individual segments were then added together to make the larger sculpture. The sculpture will be finished over the coming week.