Finding quotients and remainders through division

We’ve been learning and practising new mathematical vocabulary today. Our new unit in maths focuses on division. We learnt that the number in each group is called the quotient. Some numbers are not divisible by the number of groups given and leave a remainder. We used cubes to practise the concept and reinforce the understanding that the groups must always have the same quotient to be fair. Have a look at some of our learning below! I’ve included a picture of the childrens’ textbook incase you are curious about how we teach division within the Inspire scheme.


Request for newspaper…

We are hoping to use papier-mache for an art project in the next 2 weeks, so if you have any old newspapers at home please send them into school as we would love to recycle them for you! Thank you for your support.

Greek pot designs

Last week we looked carefully at the shape of authentic Greek pots, drew our own and covered them in crayon. We then painted black over the top and left it to dry. This week, we used the ends of our pencils to carefully scratch off our patterned design. 

Story mapping

This morning we listened to the myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece. We used our recollections of the myth to draw main events and write detailed descriptions. We presented our story maps to each other and peer assessed our learning.